Ralph, My Main Man

After a long night of watching the Oscars I was generally pleased with the outcome of the awards.  JLaw won a much-deserved statue (you go, girl) and Daniel Day-Lewis broke records with his third win (we all knew it). All in all, it went as I hoped, BUT there were two instances where I was a bit shocked. 1) Tony Kushner was robbed of his win for Best Adapted Screenplay for Lincoln (please say someone agrees?), and 2) Brave won Best Animated Film.  I am a huge Pixar fan, and while I enjoyed Brave, it was not the best animated film of 2012. That distinction belongs to Wreck-it-Ralph.

I know, I know. This blog is supposed to be about my experiences with advanced movie screenings, but the problem is that there were no screenings this week. Well, if I had a car I could go see Oz, but alas…

ANYWAY, I thought I’d review a movie that I’ve already seen. One that I also saw for free. And since Wreck-it-Ralph comes out on DVD TODAY, it’s the perfect solution, right?!

Wreck-it-Ralph is the story of a tiger who wants to change his stripes, or in this case a video game villain who wants to be the hero. It may seem like a simple premise, but the film is packed with so many clever pop culture references, puns, and gaming allusions, you can’t help but be swept away. Admittedly, I am no gamer. I played Mario and Ecco the Dolphin as a kid, but neither is even in the film (apparently, Nintendo gave the filmmakers quite a headache when they asked to borrow Mario. They should have gone for Luigi.). I still don’t get the little orange blob, but I expect my brother does. No matter, I enjoyed it all the same!

Who remembers Ecco?! i Never passed the second level. Ecco can’t breathe underwater!!

The world that director Rich Moore created is so completely original that I couldn’t help but wonder why it hadn’t been done before.  Arcade game characters coming alive after hours: GENIUS.  It smells a little of Toy Story, but these characters aren’t confined to the human world. They jump through a myriad of gaming worlds – from candyland to a post-apocalyptic earth – in a variety of pixel counts.  Despite the change in scenery, the plot moves along seamlessly.

As for the voice acting: I love when John C Reilly takes on great projects. It reminds you there’s more to him than Will Ferrell’s other half in Step Brothers. Sarah Silverman breathes life into little Vanellope, a success that prompted me to Google her sketch comedy for hours. As for Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, they did what they do best. Picture Sue Sylvester and Kenneth as lovers – my biggest complaint of the film.

There’s that little orange guy again…

 Wreck-it-Ralph accomplished what I wish more Disney movies could and would, and what Brave ultimately failed to do – I laughed, I cried (granted my crying threshold could use a boost), and I left the theatre satisfied.  It won’t change your life, but it’ll make you happy, and ask anyone, there’s nothing I love more than a happy ending.

For Wreck-it-Ralph, I would pay a total of $8 (hey big spender)!


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