The Inside Scoop

I imagine that by this point there are several readers who are looking for a little more info about the advance movie screening experience. I’m sure there are those of you out there who are thinking “Megan and Maeve must be extraordinarily glamorous to be invited to advance screenings” or “Golly, I wish I had the totally awesome connections they must have to get such special treatment.” Well my envious audience, today I will be sharing with you what you’ve all been waiting for…..a rundown of what it’s like to be part of such a prestigious event with absolutely no insight into how one gets tickets of their own!!

Normally these high profile advance screening events take place on a weekday evening at my favorite movie theater, the Boston Common AMC/Loews/I’m not sure why these names are interchangeable. The Kendall Square Cinema and the Fenway Regal have also shown up on the circuit, but there is something about the over memorabilia-ized AMC that gets the movie watchin’ blood pumping. Megan is wholly in charge of the ticket acquisition process, so luckily all I am responsible for is showing up at the theater about an hour before the film is slated to start. There is usually an uneventful half hour wait, but if we’re lucky we’ll be patronized by whatever unqualified usher is running the queue, or Megan will be harangued by an old man*.

Once we’re let past the elusive red velvet rope, we are shepherded into the theater for a seat finding free for all. Inevitably Megan and I end up in the first five rows. For many, this would be a turn off, but I truly believe our necks are all the stronger for it. After another half hour, just about long enough for us to mow down whatever food we’ve smuggled in, the lights dim and the magic starts….minus previews (LAME).

So there it is folks…..all the glamour, intrigue, and celebrity of the prescreening events. It may not sound like much, but there’s definitely something to be said for getting the in. Seeing the seats reserved for the press, not paying the exorbitant $10+ admission charge, and making your boyfriend jealous because you got to see The Hobbit before he could are all perks that I’m not willing to give up anytime soon.

cost of admision: I would pay the price of a full movie ticket for Megan to talk to that old guy again. I would also pay about $2 a screening if it meant there were previews.

*TRUE STORY: One time at a screening Megan went to solo, she offered her extra pass to an elderly man. At the very next screening, the old man sought her out and solicited her for another pass. After she gave it to him, he rambled on at her nonstop for about the next fourteen minutes about how he planned to use this pass to sneak into Skyfall, and how he had in fact abused the last pass to see a different movie than it was meant for, too. Like a true friend, I pretended not to know Megan and provided her with no form of rescue.


3 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop

    • oh yeah, maeve – megan would sit in the first five rows even if the theater was totally empty, don’t let her fool you

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