About Us

Rating System: We decided for this blog that we didn’t want to follow a traditional rating system (A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 Stars, etc…). Since we’re fortunate (or dogged) enough to see most of these films for free, we thought it’d be interesting to rate the film based on how much we WOULD pay to see it. Call it arbitrary, but we make our dollars go a long way, and they are true testaments to our opinions!


A new Bostonian, but a seasoned cinephile. Some people call me cheap, but those student loans don’t p66236_10151112100436840_1244094182_nay for themselves. Please feel free to comment with any questions, comments, or criticisms! I love discussion.

Some Favorites: film festivals, Skippy peanut butter, and oatmeal creme pies (YES, I’m aware that two of those things are food).

What I’m Watching Right Now:

Call the Midwife


Born and bread in America’s Armpit (don’t worry, the smell has long since worn off), I moved to Boston to go to school and to chase my dreams. Six years later, I’m out of breath from all the running. With the exception of having taken one extraordinarily strange high school film class, I am in no way qualified to share my opinions on films.


Things That Make My Hair Blow Back: Baking, crafting, and insider trading.

What I’m Watching Right Now: The Bible miniseries on History channel. Catholic school 4 lyfe.


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